Aperol Spritz On-The-Go Cocktail Kit

It might be people's drink of the summer, but Aperol has launched a new reason to keep drinking Aperol Spritz into the autumn and beyond with a new portable kit. Barbecues and picnics may be over and done with now for the UK, but the Aperol Spritz Kit, which launched in September, is perfect for taking round a friends to kick off an evening or to share over lunch (or just to be enjoyed solo without the need to open a large bottle of fizz).

The kit, designed to make four to five cocktails, features a smaller 350ml bottle of Aperol and 375ml Cinzano Prosecco to cater for drinkers looking to enjoy an Aperol Spritz on-the-go.

Sandra Brunet, Campari Group UK marketing director, said: "With only three ingredients and using the official 3:2:1 recipe displayed on the pack, consumers will be able to prepare their drinks in just a few minutes – seamlessly demonstrating the ease-of-serve to the third of shoppers who believe it is too much effort to create cocktails at home.

"While the Aperol Spritz Kit carries a lower price-point, it has been shown to help drive up the average basket spend of convenience shoppers."

The kit is another great way of highlighting the continued push for convenience across food and drinks. It definitely gets our approval and is a great segue into the weekend.