APT For Your Bubble

With lockdown restrictions to come extent, though confusion still present, it can be tough knowing what is best when wishing to see friends and family for the first time in a while.

Created by Richard Lee Massey, APT is a service which allows customers to hire some of London's finest chefs, with the option of having them cook on location or even invite them round to entertain your social bubble.

"It all begins with a celebration. From birthdays to engagement parties or just a family dinner, we'll soon be introducing APT At-Home — a creative project bringing the best of London's food scene to your home."

Further elaborating on the genesis of APT, Richard Lee Massey states:

"Welcome to an idea born from a fervent love for the industry most affected by the global pandemic. The concept? Think: private chef hire with a twist. Choose from a roster of London's best chefs and have them cook for your social bubble of 2-10 guests — all from one of Town Hall Hotel's many apartments."

The creation of APT relates to the trend of 'Space' within our recent report looking at prevalent trends as a result of COVID-19.

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