Atomo Molecular Coffee

The future of food and drink continues to merge with the power of technology, allowing further production of certain good at reduced detrimental cost to the food chain itself. Molecular coffee looks to be the latest addition to this interesting frontier, as Atomo emerges with its bean-less coffee into the market, after only one year of existence.

Company founders, Andy Kleitsch and Jarret Stopforth, identified the attributes of coffee at a chemical level, capturing the very nature which provides one of the world's most drunk beverages its distinct flavour; though sidestepped replicating the compounds which can produce the off-putting bitterness.

Their process utilises the recycling of seeds, kernels, pits and leaves which feature the requisite components, producing the necessary grounds which can then be turned into Atomo's unique coffee creation.

Atomo's efforts come at a time when the majority of the global coffee diversity is under threat due to climate change, with the world's most common bean (Arabica) already classified as critically endangered.

As consumption accelerates beyond production for coffee, Atomo marks another step in the battle against climate change through the reengineering of the supply chain itself, in order to protect the planet from demand and the environmental harm of production.

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