Aussie Gelato Chain Gelato Messina Takes on the Trifle This Christmas

Each year, popular Australian chain Gelato Messina takes on a new Christmas cake, which this year's choice being a quintessential Australian dessert, trifle.

This epic ice cream creation will feature layer upon layer of everything that is good about Christmas, and it's sure to have you licking the glass bowl. A treat to feast both eyes and taste buds on, the trifle will be layered with vanilla custard gelato, whipped cream, peach jellies, raspberry marsala jelly, raspberry meringue, sherry-soaked jam rolls and bloody peach sorbet. To finish off the taste sensation, the trifle is garnished with white chocolate and cherry truffles and comes with Messina brandy custard and chocolate-coated nuts.

At Gelato Messina our job is to make people happy. Yes we make amazing gelato with the very best, real ingredients. And yes our gelato cakes are weird and wonderful, but it's all in the name of putting a smile on someone's face.

The trifle serves 18-20 people - it's one for the whole table to enjoy. Find out more about Gelato Messina here.