Australian Bakery Launches Lasagne Pie After Lockdown Popularity

An Australian Bakery has launched a new Lasagne Pie, the latest experimental snack from Banjo Bakery, stacked with pasta, beef and of course lots of cheese. The new Pie is available at Banjo's 44 outlets across South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

Following its popularity during lockdown in Australia, the humble lasagne has continued to be a fan favourite as we continue the return to normality, while the bakery wanted to give Australians a taste for Italy while still unable to travel to Europe.

Banjo's Bakery Café CEO, Jessica Saxby, said: "Our diners are often on-the-go, so it made sense to develop a pasta-filled pocket and Signature Pie flavour that was easy to enjoy on the run at lunch-time, on the side-line of Saturday sport, at your next family picnic and anywhere in between."

Banjo's was founded in Tasmania in 1984 and has operated successfully since, growing to 41 stores across Australia. The idea, unique at that time, was to provide a place which offered customers the opportunity to sit down and enjoy freshly baked breads and cakes or handmade treats for breakfast, lunch or a snack with a perfectly made coffee. Today, there are more than 6.3 million customers visiting a Banjo's store each year.

We covered the rise in popularity of lasagne during COVID-19 over in a foodwatching Australia and Asia report on our Trendhub due to its rise in consumption. The report covered the different styles of lasagne we were seeing emerge, as well as how people were reacting to eating at home vs dining out and how lasagne was featuring on the dinner table. Trendhub subscribers can read the report in full here. Non-subscribers can find out more about joining via the links below.

Image credit Banjo Bakery.