Barnana Expands Into Gorilla Milk Launching at Natural Products Expo West

Eco-friendly, grass-fed Gorilla Milk is finally coming to market! Barnana, maker of The Super Potassium Snack, will reveal their new super food product online on March 12th and at the Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, USA.

Gorilla Milk is nutritionally dense milk from Western Lowland Gorillas. Delicious and nutritious, each purchase of Barnana's new Gorilla Milk will directly benefit efforts to save and repopulate the wild habitat of the gorilla. To donate to save their habitat, visit

Barnana leads the way with the first ever Gorilla Milk to be offered en masse. Fair Trade, grass-fed, unpasteurized and raw, Gorilla Milk is set to take the trend of alternative milks to the next level with milk more genetically similar to that of our own.

"After spending time with Western Lowland Gorillas in Africa, seeing their wild habitat being destroyed and after having the privilege to milk one myself - I am excited to bring mother gorillas' milk to market for human consumption and save the lives of gorillas and their wild habitat," said Caue Suplicy, Barnana CEO.

Since 2012, Barnana, a pioneer in the healthy snack category, has led the industry in banana-based snacks. Always eco-conscious and eco-friendly, Barnana up-cycles the bananas that used to go to waste at the farms in South America and turn them into Banana.

Find out more on the Gorilla Milk website here.