Bo London brings x-treme Chinese to the capital

Alvin Leung, 2 Michelin starred chef of multi award-winning Bo Innovation in Hong Kong,  is bringing his X-treme Chinese cuisine to London  in September  2012.  Bo London in Mayfair will be the chef’s first establishment outside Hong Kong and a return to the city of his birth.

“I was born in London although I spent many years in Canada before moving to Hong Kong. I have wanted to open a place in London for years.  I love the city and am frequently here. I think London offers one of the most diverse and exciting restaurant scenes in the world and I would really like Bo to be a part of that”, commented Leung.

Originally an acoustic engineer, Alvin  is a self-taught chef who has combined his  extensive  knowledge of world cooking with his  cultural heritage to create his own unique brand of the cuisine he terms “X-treme Chinese”.   His approach has modernised Chinese cuisine by combining century’s old recipes with modern cooking techniques ensuring a cleaner, lighter style to his menu.

X-treme Chinese is a term that Alvin developed to detach his cuisine from the terminology fusion and molecular gastronomy. In a world where chefs are hindered by categorisation, Alvin Leung has created his own identity. Breaking down the perceptions of traditional regional Chinese food, Bo London hopes to bring an evolution of Chinese gastronomy to London. Leung says: “I like to challenge people’s expectations, to surprise and excite them. My aim is to have people say ‘That was the best meal I’ve ever had’…and I just work backwards from that”.

Bo London will be located in the heart of Mayfair, London.