Chef Mitch Tonks Launches World's First Tinned British-Caught Seafood Range

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks, the man behind Devon's well-known Rockfish seafood restaurant chain, has launched the first full range of British tinned seafood to help champion UK fishermen.

The new range stems from a lockdown project to take seafood caught off the south coast and landed at Brixham to a wider market and championing sustainability and British fishermen at the same time. The range includes Lyme Bay mussels, mackerel, Brixham cuttlefish and Mounts Bay sardines, and has already attracted orders worldwide. It's the first range in Britain that is caught direct from fishermen, including Rockfish's own boat - The Rockfisher.

Once the seafood is caught it's then shipped to Spain where it's preserved using traditional methods with Mitch saying that he soon realised that domestically, there are not the artisanal skills to tin seafood - something he's looking to develop in the future.

The brand says on its Instagram page: "Did your know that tinned fish is economical and more versatile than even fresh fish and ensures that 100% of the catch is eaten, with no waste. This increased value for the fishermen and less pressure to catch more, allows the fishery to flourish for another day.

"Rockfish Tinned Seafood is a uniquely British product made by us with specialism and provenance. Changing the way you experience seafood in the UK is our superpower, we want to make seafood mainstream and help people enjoy the wonderful seafood we have here in Britain. The magic of Rockfish tinned seafood is that it's the first range in Britain, direct from our fishermen and marine farmers, harvested and preserved in peak condition at the right time. We catch and source fresh seafood direct from the South Coast of England, cooked slowly for maximum flavour and marinated in delicious oils and sauces which melt in the mouth and are truly wonderful, even if you just enjoy them very simply with crusty bread."

Find out more about this new range and the Rockfish brand here.