Chobani Turns Greek Yogurt into a Condiment with New Packaging

Chobani is looking to change the way we look at and use Greek Yoghurt, moving it into the condiment category simply through a change in its packaging. The company's new 14-ounce squeezable packages are intended to rival the use of sour cream as a topping, with Greek Yogurt carrying fewer calories, less fat, and three times the protein of its squeezy alternative.

The new resealable pouches are made with both whole milk and low-fat plain Greek yogurt and are set to be introduced this August in the US. They're being pushed as a healthy alternative to top your tacos, nachos, chilli and potatoes. "This packaging helps the consumer to learn Greek yogurt is a condiment," said Kai Sacher, Chobani's senior vice president of global research and development. "For somebody who likes this this type of food, it's the perfect marriage between nutritious and delicious."

Chobani is clearly capitalising on the ever-growing consumer trend toward healthy alternatives. Would you switch your sour cream for Greek Yoghurt?