Coca-Cola Gets Fruits with New Peach-Flavoured Coke

The world's largest beverage brand, Coca-Cola is branching out as it announces its first-ever peach-flavoured Coke, launching as a limited-edition drink in Japan this week.

The new flavour launch follows research from the brand which identified a thirst for carbonated peach-flavoured drinks to be at its peak int he first quarter of the year. But why Japan? Well, peach is quite a big deal in the Asian country, with Japanese mythology expressing that the fruit has the power to dispel evil. It even has its own festival, on March 3, called Momo no Sekku, or "the seasonal festival of peaches" which celebrates the start of spring.

This isn't the only addition to the range for 2018, as Coca-Cola also recently announced the addition of four new fruity Diet Coke flavours - Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry. And these aren't restricted to Japan, so there's something for everyone to try.

Find out more about the Coca-Cola global brand on the corporate website.