Coffee Bar Run By Robots Launches In Brooklyn, NYC

New York City has a new dystopian-feel coffee shop thanks to the opening of Botbar - run by a robot barista who not only makes the coffee but dances and waves too.

The Brooklyn location is Botbar's first location, and seemingly the first of its kind in the US too, coming from the Richtech Robotics brand who focus on helping brands to automate production, cleaning, or delivery, through their robust automated solutions.

The coffee shop is run by 'Adam', a two-armed robotic barista trained to craft the perfect blend, ensuring a consistently exceptional coffee experience. Botbar quotes the benefits of the robotic operation, Adam more specifically, as one that is able to perform excellently in any fast-paced environment, as well as being able to generate revenue 24/7.

The brand's website says about the new coffee shop "At Botbar, we envision a future where people are liberated from monotonous tasks, allowing them to focus on what truly matters. Our team of talented engineers and coffee enthusiasts have combined their expertise to create reliable robotic baristas that embody this vision. Say goodbye to long queues and waiting times – our baristas are here to serve you with speed, precision, and a touch of high-tech flair."

Robotic automations are continuing to gather pace and visibility in the consumer-facing sector now, an area we're tracking closely. Back in 2021, at our Online Food & Beverage Trend Summit, we spoke with Dr Peter Schroder, a former chief engineer at McLaren now CTO at Karakuri, a brand leading the way in robotic kitchen automations for QSRs. You can watch the full video with Peter on our YouTube channel here.

Just this February we also spoke with Yegor Traiman, CEO of Remy Robotics, revolutionising the delivery restaurant industry through autonomous kitchens, as part of our In Conversation With series. Full details of the conversation with Yegor here.