Comforting Fried Chicken

There have been a few comforting foods that have come out of the woodwork during the COVID-19 lockdown - pasta, pizza and burgers to name a few. Another that has been particularly prevalent on restaurant takeaway menus has been fried chicken.

A Stroke of Cluck

Like many of the other comfort food trends, fried chicken has been super hot for a while now, with its popularity being accelerated by the lockdown. A large part of its success is due to the public coveting of comforting and nostalgic food - and let's be honest, it tastes delicious. But, it is more than that, despite the lockdown home-cooking revival, for many people fried chicken can be a bit ambitious (and dangerous) to cook at home. Meaning many folks are looking out of home for their fried chicken fix.

Bucket Upgrade

What's better than a bucket of fried chicken? Well, a bucket of fried chicken from the best chef in the world. During lockdown, chefs have taken to upgrading fried chicken, offering the finest buckets of fried chicken around. Perhaps the most noteworthy of examples has been by the team at Davies & Brook, the sister restaurant of Eleven Madison Park in NYC, located within Claridge's Hotel.

Taiwan Crunch

Taiwanese fried chicken has been pretty hot of late, fuelled by the global expansion of franchises such as Monga, TKK and Hot Star. Taiwanese fried chicken is cooked in a similar way to Korean fried chicken but is dipped in batter, rather than dry flour. It comes in a few different formats by the most popular are tiny popcorn chicken pieces and bone in butterflied chicken breasts.

Fast Premium

At the end of May 2020, KFC launched a premium fried chicken sandwich with a crispier coating, premium thick cuts, pickles and a brioche bun. This was in response to the fried chicken sandwich spat that erupted last year in the USA. It all started when two American fast-food chains, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, fought over who had the best-fried chicken sandwich. Things turned a bit ugly but, it did create a frenzy over premium fried chicken sandwiches.

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