Cottagecore, also known as Farmcore or Countrycore, is an online aesthetic which is inspired by traditional agricultural life. Familiar aspects of the look are the likes of floral patterns, gingham fabric, farms, foliage and countryside landscapes.

Appealing Nature

Its origins can be traced back to Reddit in 2018, where it initially emerged as an inclusive space, particularly for women identifying as part of the LGBTQ community. Another reason Cottagecore is particularly appealing is that in an ever-connected technologically advanced world it aims to recreate the simple life by celebrating activities that do not rely on phones, tablets or wifi.

In The Kitchen

Though not exclusively a food trend, it does include food and drink as part of the imagery which helps to build the aesthetic. There is a liberal use of fruits, herbs and foraged ingredients, as well as a focus upon tings you might traditionally find on a farmhouse table. Presentation of such goods will include the use of wicker baskets, glass jugs and traditional kitchen tablecloths.

COVID Cottagecore

COVID-19 has propelled Cottagecore into the mainstream, as people look for new ways to enjoy themselves with the limited resources available to them in isolation. We have already seen the huge boom in people making their own sourdough and banana bread for example, as a way of being creative and productive, but also mitigating against the frustration of empty shelves at the local shop.

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