Crome London - The Capital's New French Toast Cafe

There's a new cafe coming to Marylebone that's serving just French Toast, with both sweet and savoury options available. Yum. The new cafe, called Crome, opened its doors this month as the first of its kind in the capital serving the French classic which has been making waves this year.

"Introducing London's first French toast café, harnessing our craftsmanship and expert knowledge in food science and speciality coffee to bring you a new food and drink concept. Our French toast stacks are well known twists on your favourite brunch classics – finished with sweet or savoury toppings inspired by the food and drink trends of the future."

Menu options include:

Chilli Cheese Cheeto - French toast, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, triple cheese sauce, chilli. Topped with signature cheese mix
The Reuben - French toast, salt beef brisket, pickles, onion, parsley and red cabbage. Topped with signature cheese mix
Red Velvet - French toast, mascarpone cream, fresh red berries, honey, pistachios
Stuffed Nutella & Caramel Popcorn - Nutella stuffed french toast, Nutella sauce, caramel popcorn, brownie pieces

Alongside their extensive French Toast menu there's also an array of exciting coffees including Spanish Lattes and Crome Coloured Lattes too. Discover the menu here.

The new cafe can be found at 36 James Street, Marylebone, or alternatively find them on Instagram here.