Discover Regenuary This January

If you're too much of a meat fan and can't face doing Veganuary in January then try Regenuary, an eating challenge that focuses on consuming products from only regenerative farming processes.

The challenge was founded by The Ethical Butcher, a forward thinking e-commerce website selling the most ethically sourced meats available from UK farmers. The company is on a mission to reconnect people with nature, believing that as a society we have become far too disconnected from our food and the land it comes from. The Ethical Butcher was launched in order to be a causal shift in the industry.

The Ethical Butcher's website describes the challenge: As consumers, we should be making better-informed choices about the food we buy and the effect it has on the environment. That's why, for the month of January, we're encouraging you to consider the impact of everything you eat, and to source as much of your food as possible from producers who use regenerative farming methods.

How does regenerative farming work?

Regenerative production is based on farming seasonal produce that has lower, or even beneficial, environmental or social impacts during the production process between start and finish.

Farshad Kazemian

Co-founder of The Ethical Butchen, Farshad Kazemian joined us at last year's annual Food & Beverage Trend Summit to discuss how The Ethical Butcher is rethinking meat, farming and our connection with nature by working with farmers that apply regenerative agricultural practices to fulfil a growing consumer demand for ethical meats. Watch the discussion with Farshad in full below.