Easter 2023 seasonwatching Report

Easter - the first bank holiday of the year and a chance for family to reunite and celebrate with food and sweet treats. We've covered what was trending this Easter in our latest seasonwatching report.

We felt the sun, and enjoyed all things Easter over the bank holiday weekend. However, as costs soared across favourites like lamb, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, creativity was at all time high with innovative swaps and quick hacks.

In the UK it's estimated that the cost of Easter is nearly 23% higher than last year (Office for National Statistics 2023). There's always a place for slow-cooked lamb, however, innovative switches and affordable hacks trend.

We've outlined three key takeouts from our latest Easter seasonwatching report below to give you a feel for what to expect in the full summary. tfp trendhub subscribers can access the report in full at the bottom of this article.

1. Easier Easter – Easter was made easier and more affordable. Turkish eggs for brunch or chocolate eggs melted down into a dip for hot cross bun churros ,why not?

We're making use of everything when it comes to store cupboard ingredients and cheaper locally produced Spring produce. Cull Yaw with a wild garlic crust is delicious, and radish tzatziki makes a delicious addition to both Easter tables and barbecues.

2. Hot Cross Bun + Hot cross bun everything trends this year. From the classic recipe to flavour twists, and even the new Heinz hot cross bun mayo, there's lot of fun to be had with this iconic Easter classic.

Alongside hot cross buns there is also an appreciation of global classics with back stories like Columba di Pasqua (Italian Easter bread) and more chocolatey Bundt cakes.

3. The Chocolate It's not Easter without chocolate, and eggs continue to innovate. Flavoured and textured shells dominate such as violet oil infused chocolate. Alongside eggs, more attention is paid towards chocolate slabs and snacks which tend to work out cheaper than Easter eggs.


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