El Bulli's Albert Adria Opens London Cake Shop

One of the world's best pastry chefs and creator of the now-closed, three-Michelin-starred Catalan restaurant El Bulli, Albert Adrià has opened his first permanent site outside of Spain - in London.

Adrià, a pastry chef by qualification and once winner of 'best pastry chef in the world,' returns to his roots with the new venture situated inside the Hotel Café Royal, on Regent Street. He initially built his reputation alongside brother Ferran at the three-star Michelin El Bulli before launching a number of highly acclaimed restaurants in Barcelona.

Following the trend for transparency and healthier eating, the cakes containing less added sugar than usual, and no colorants. To keep the sweet touch, fruit including as mangos, pomelos, mandarins, papayas and pineapples have been sourced from local markets.

The new shop opened on the 10th November so there's still time to get there before your friends. If you've been, tweet up your comments and pictures at @thefoodpeople. Find out more about the new opening on its website.