Elevated Meal Kits With Eleven Madison Park & Merivale

One of the greatest success stories during the hospitality industry's battle against COVID19 has been meal kits, equipping diners with everything they need to create their favourite cuisine at home, masterminded by well established chains, chefs and unique collaborations.

Taking this yet further still is New York's Eleven Madison Park, the michelin starred restaurant creating a meal kit which allows diners to enjoy their world famous cuisine at home, with minimal fuss or cooking skill required.

The kits start from £180 and are designed by the globally recognised Daniel Humm, with parts of the meal requiring either reheating or simple cooking instructions, making award winning dishes at home easy.

A 1.5kg chicken is the main inclusion, the bird being stuffed with brioche, foie gras and black truffle for a truly indulgent home cooked meal. Accompanying dishes include baked butternut squash, potato gratin and a classic green salad.

A sweet finish takes the form of an apple cake, as well as granola for the following morning's breakfast treat, which might prove valuable if overindulging in the choice of fine wine and cocktails too.

Eleven Madison Park have also committed to donating ten meals to their local residents suffering from food insecurity for every meal kit sold

Another meal kit endeavour which seeks to break new ground is that of Merivale, uniting some of Sydney's finest chefs to create a diverse array of meal options, all of which are designed for you to replicate familiar dishes from the city's most iconic restaurants.

Those available via the Merivale At Home project include: Mr Wong, Felix, Bert's, Fred's, Totti's, Centennial and many more. You can then choose to pair your meal with expertly matched drinks as part of a bundle, featuring sommelier selected wines and handcrafted cocktails too.

Part of the team behind creating Merivale at home is Debbie Higgins, who shall also be a guest speaker at our Virtual Trends Event later next month, discussing her work with Merivale and how they have adapted in order to survive during the pandemic.


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