Elizabeth Cherry, Sociology Professor at Manhattanville College, NY, Joins Our 2018 Trends Event

Elizabeth Cherry Ph.D, Associated Professor of Sociology at Manhattanville College in New York, joins the Trends Event this November talking about the social drivers and motivations behind the 'new vegan movement'.

The trends event is an annual gathering of industry names in London to discuss and hear from a host of thought-provoking speakers on trends from the food and drinks industry. Find out more about the event here.

Elizabeth's research focuses on culture and social movements, specifically in cultural analyses of social movements and social movement analyses of contentious subcultures. She's interested in the role culture plays in constraining and enabling collective action, as well as how activists attempt to change culture. Topically, she study's issues concerning animals, food, and the environment. She recently published a book on the animal rights movement in France and the United States, and in past projects has studied veganism, punk, pro-anorexia websites, as well as researcher subjectivity and reflexivity.

Find out more about the event and get your tickets while they're still available - visit the event page.