Emma Worrollo, founder of The Pineapple Lounge, Joins Trends Event

Founder of The Pineapple Lounge, Emma Worrollo shall be using her experience in helping brands to build meaningful relationships with next generation families, as she discusses the preferences of an entirely new generation - Generation Alpha - at this November's tfp Trends Event.

Having established The Pineapple Lounge herself, Emma has focused upon the study of families and their youth, surpassing 10 years worth of expert insight and analysis. Her work has allowed a diverse range of brands to contextualise the lifestyles of their generational targets and build the correct tools to communicate with them appropriately.

Emma has built a strong reputation as a trend forecaster in pursuit of understanding the development of generation Z from youth to adult and is now set to document the ongoing development of generation alpha and what that could mean for the industry.

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