Exploring categorywatching - Fish & Seafood

We've just released our latest report to subscribers of categorywatching, covering what's been happening in the Fish & Seafood.

Our report has identified 15 mega trends, takes a look at the influences on the category, future opportunities and breaks down each of the mega trends into sub-trends. With so much movement in the category we wanted to pull out a couple of the most interesting take outs to share with you.

Fin to Gill

Minimising food waste is high on the consumer's agenda, and using every last bit of the fish is therefore key. From fish served whole to creative ways of using up by-product as well as championing lesser known cuts such as belly or cheeks, not only can waste be minimised but new taste experiences are maximised.

e.g. Ocean Trout caviar, smoked crème fraiche and dried hapuka heart on a cracker, Cirrus, Sydney, Australia


As interest in food grows, traceability is becoming key for consumers who are looking for the finer details on pack – from what water type the fish swam in to the provenance and whether it was wild or farmed. The detail not only enables consumers to make informed decisions but also builds trust.

e.g. Sea urchins from Loch Waters, Inver Restaurant, Strachur, UK

Sea Urchin

Fast Fish

With more consumers turning away from meat some of the time, fish & seafood begins to play a bigger role. Fish is transforming fast & street food menus, as well-loved formats such as burgers, pizzas and burritos take on the taste of the sea.

e.g. Salmon burger, Pink Fish, Norway