Fashion Designer To Launch Natural Dyes At Whole Foods Market Brooklyn

Dubbed "the fashion world's artisanal dyer," by The New York Times, Audrey Louise Reynolds is making her sustainable dyes available for purchase for the first time ever at Whole Foods Market Williamsburg, whited opened late July. ALR Dyes, which Reynolds' makes by hand in her Red Hook, Brooklyn studio will come in orange, yellow, pink, grey, and ecru.

"I am overjoyed to be making my natural dyes available to the public," said Audrey Louise Reynolds, designer and owner of ALR. "It's a process that I've always loved and I'm so excited to see what people create with my colours whether it be families, budding fashion designers or home décor enthusiasts."

In addition to selling her dyes, Reynolds has created a custom, one-of-a-kind tote bag that will be given away on opening day to the first 250 shoppers at Whole Foods Market Williamsburg. The bags, which are Fair Trade Certified, are unique in their make-up and craftsmanship, with each one treated with sustainable and natural ingredients to soften, texturize and color the recycled cotton. Reynolds begins the process by washing the tote bags with mineral and ocean water. The bags are then hand dyed in rainwater and a mix of ALR pigments. No two will be alike, and their individuality will be further solidified when each one is hand-signed, stamped and numbered by Reynolds herself.

Outside of Whole Foods Market, fans of Reynolds' designs can find her signature hand-dyed t-shirts available for purchase at any of Bird's three Brooklyn boutiques. In conjunction with the new store opening, both Bird and Whole Foods Market are committing to donate a percentage of sales to the Brooklyn Public Library. Specifically, 5% of sales from Whole Foods Market Williamsburg and Gowanus on July 26, and all proceeds from sales of a special-edition t-shirt by ALR, available at Bird, will be donated. The partnership will be highlighted with a special book and floral ALR, Whole Foods Market, and Brooklyn Public Library window display at Bird's Williamsburg location (203 Grand St.).