Food Artists Bompas & Parr Are Heading To Melbourne

Globally recognised as the leading expert in multi-sensory experience design, the team at London-based Bompas and Parr are heading to Melbourne with a new flavoured fruit weather installation.

The studio works with commercial brands, artistic institutions, private clients and governments to deliver emotionally compelling experiences to a wide variety of audiences.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr first came to prominence through their expertise in jelly-making, but the business rapidly grew into a fully fledged creative studio offering food and drink design, brand consultancy and immersive experiences across a diverse number of industries.

Having traveled the world and worked with some of the industry's biggest brands, Bompas and Parr are now heading Down Under for their first-ever Australian sensory installation. As part of a free event at Casey Cornucopia from 24th June to 17th July, the artists will be creating an edible fog with three different flavours being released through the air each day, swirling around huge fruit sculptures in the gardens.

Past experiences and showcases include the world's first Multi-Sensory Fireworks display for London New Year's Eve 2013, the Taste Experience for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, as well as founding the British Museum of Food - the world's first cultural institution exclusively dedicated to food and drink.

Find out more about Bompas and Parr on the brand's website here.