Frying Pan Pizza

Since the lockdown, there has been a bread baking boom and if you had flour then one dish that was close to the top of the list was homemade pizza. Folk were craving that crispy base and scorched surface of a perfect wood-fired pizza. However, this type of pizza can be notoriously tricky to recreate at home, unless you have a pizza oven in your back garden or want to spend hours heating you oven and faffing with pizza stones. In step the frying pan, or skillet, pizza.

Deep Pan

This two-step technique has been around for a couple of years now and basically lets the home cook create the crispy base of the pizza in a frying pan on the stove, before toasting the top to perfection under the grill. No soggy bottoms or flats crusts here.

It has become apparent that the frying pan pizza has become one of the hallmarks of lockdown cooking, along with dishes such as banana bread and sourdough. In fact, since lockdown started, the term skillet pizza has been searched for 2.5 times more and the term frying pan pizza, has been searched for over 5 times more, worldwide.

Kit Room

One of the most successful products to come out of the restaurant lockdown has been the pizza kit, many of which have been used or designed to be cooed in a frying pan (for more on pizza kits, click here). Some on the ball bloggers and producers have created cook along frying pan pizza videos to accompany their products/recipes. Of course, if you want to make your own from scratch, there are recipes calling for everything from sourdough to quick, no-knead bases.

Pizza Cake

If that is not all, the frying pan pizza has started to reflect some of the other lockdown trends. For example, some folks are using leftovers on their pizza, while others are making do with whatever pans they have on hand, no matter how small. Others are taking the pizza a loading it up with veggies, mirroring the lockdown trends of health(ier) eating and a boost in plant-based eating.

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