Full Circle Joins The Caffeinated Buzz With Brumi

Early August 2017 saw the release of sustainable lifestyle brand, Full Circle's latest product, Brumi Pour Over Hot + Cold Brew Bottle. Falling in line with Full Circle's innovative, responsibly made collection, the bottle is created for each, and every coffee drinker, from the connoisseur to the convenience drinker, to enjoy coffee their way.

In initial release, Brumi will be available online and in select retailers in the U.S., in the sleek and stylish Black, while the fresh White will be exclusively available on Food52 online, for the first four weeks of release.

With features such as double-walled borosilicate glass, removable cork grip, and two-part leak-proof lid, the home and travel coffee brewer was created with ultimate usability in mind. Finer aesthetic features such as an engraved Coffee Makes Everything Possible on the filter make the bottle not only a daily necessity but also a luxury to use.

The patent-pending double filter is possibly the most prominent feature of the bottle. Created with a combination of stainless steel and mesh, the filter is designed to allow the ideal flow rate while keeping fine grounds out of the coffee, brewing a very clean cup. The filter can stand on its own on any surface, lodges in a higher position within the Brumi for best practice when pouring, and fits perfectly within the Brumi to store, and brew anywhere.

The most exciting point of the bottle, however, is its purpose. With the ability to make and take both hot and cold brew coffee wherever you go, the pour-over coffee bottle allows you to create a perfect hot brew coffee, toss out the grinds and replace the filter, avoiding any acidification or bitterness due to over-brewed coffee. Alternatively, it also allows you to create the perfect cold brew in a few simple steps, followed by placing the bottle in the fridge overnight.

"Brumi is the best of both worlds for any coffee drinker," said Tal Chitayat, CEO. "There isn't a travel bottle that does a pour-over, does both hot and cold brew, as well as being environmentally-friendly and safe for the consumer. This bottle is designed to be easy to use, while avoiding senseless waste like extra filters – making it especially travel-friendly."

"We wanted to design a product that allowed consumers to indulge in coffee their own way, with the added flexibility of taking it to go," said Katherine Kielar, Director of Marketing. "Weather changes, moods change, tastes change and unfortunately too many products end up in the back of cabinets, replaced by the next. Brumi allows our customers to go back and forth, as steady or as fickle as they like – satisfying their tastes without question."

Established in 2010, Full Circle Home is a producer of well-designed, functional and environmentally conscious cleaning, home and kitchen products headquartered in New York. Find out more about the brand on its website.