Game of Thrones is Back - and the industry is following the trend

One of television's biggest phenomenons of the past decade - the final series of Game of Thrones is back and the food and drinks industry is getting in on the act. Even if you've not seen the program, you'll have surely seen some form of collateral marketing for the show along the way, including with retailers, restaurant chains, drinks brands and more all jumping on the branding band wagon.

We took a look at who's doing what...

The British supermarket chain has released a limited edition Dragon Easter Egg, recreating the infamous dragon eggs featured in the hit show.

The on-demand delivery service is joining in the fun creating a pop-up restaurant called The Hatchery, found on the app. The mythical venue is selling their own version of the Dragon Easter eggs in London, Manchester and Leeds from 14th April through to Easter Sunday. Weighing in at 1kg and measuring 20cm in height, this hefty eggs is a bargain at just 80p.

Shake Shack
The international burger QSR chain has launched a Game of Thrones menu in the US, 'inspired by fire and ice'. Take a look for yourself...

Diageo Spirits
The world's largest spirits producer Diageo has released a few different GoT inspired beverages in the run up to the 8th and final series, including their White Walker Scotch, stocked by UK supermarket chain Asda, as well as a range of eight Game of Thrones-themed single malt whiskies for the UK.

The circular biscuits loved by millions worldwide have had a GoT makeover this month, with four new decals inspired by the show.

Another UK supermarket chain joining the hype is Sainsbury's, creating a unique Dragon Burger. Commissioned with chef Ben Mulock, the burger is designed to taste what he thinks a dragon burger would taste like.

Buffalo Wings
US chain Buffalo Wings launched a one-day-only GoT inspired wings dish on the launch day of the new series, Sunday 14th April. The Dragon Fire wings were coated in a soy-ginger glaze with additional ghost chilies for an extra kick.

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