Girlfriend Wine is a hit with its catchy names

Everyone knows that when girlfriends get together, there's no stopping a party!   And, starting this week, a new group of friends will make their debut in the wine section of Kroger supermarkets across Southeast America.  Girlfriends Wine – featuring "Good Girl," "Wild Girl," "Classy Girl," "Romantic Girl," and "Party Girl" – offers an outstanding taste variety, personality and fun for every occasion.

Created by award-winning South African winemaker Val du Charron, the specially crafted Girlfriends products range from smooth to deep and everything in between.

"The five 'Girls' of Girlfriends Wine are made with independent, fun-loving women in mind," said Val du Charron co-owner Craig Entwistle, who directs the winemaker's marketing efforts in the U.S. from his base on St. Simons Island, Ga.  "Our market research led us to this development of easy-drinking wines. They exude fun character and deliver delicious tastes popular with female consumers."

A closer look at "the Girls" of Girlfriends Wine:

    Good Girl: The easy-drinking Sweet White Blend is a semisweet, non-vintage blend of Chenin Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandre whose fruity, floral taste includes hints of honeycomb and citrus.

    Wild Girl: The adventurous Sweet Red flavour is a racy blend of dark fruits and zing – a semisweet, non-vintage blend of Ruby Cabernet and Shiraz.

    Party Girl: A pink, refreshing, semisweet Rose laced with flavours of strawberries and cream, is designed to deliver an explosion of fun, laughter and perfume in a glass.

    Romantic Girl: A deep, crimson-red Cabernet Sauvignon that is best savoured with chocolate, roses and candlelight.

    Classy Girl: A sophisticated, stylish Chardonnay with hints of vanilla that transitions seamlessly from daytime to night-time for pleasure-seeking consumers.