Gourmia Enters World of Tea Brewing with Tea-Square Personal-Craft Loose-Leaf Brewer

Gourmia, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, is entering the world of tea brewing with the introduction of its flagship unit, the Tea-Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer (GTC8000). Now, you can brew incredible teas at home without all the hassle of monitoring every step. This new Gourmia tea brewer features exclusive "iTEA" boil-to-brew technology, that automatically brews loose-leaf tea consistently and with perfect results…any variety – white, green, oolong, and black – and without constant monitoring.

"In today's world, tea is a much-beloved beverage, trending in popularity more than ever, as people around the world long for the simple relaxation of a comfortable chair and a hot cup of tea," commented Heshy Biegeleisen, Gourmia CEO. "The practice of brewing loose-leaf tea continues to spread globally with great enthusiasm by millions of tea lovers. As our entry into this fascinating world of tea brewing, Gourmia proudly introduces the perfect way to brew tea with ease and convenience: our new Tea-Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer. The simple purity of fresh, home-brewed tea awaits you – from Gourmia!"

Exclusive Boil-to-Brew Technology

The unit has three brewing settings – light, medium, and strong – plus a "refresh" setting, which preps and hydrates the tea before brewing. Gourmia's exclusive boil-to-brew technology adapts a centuries-old practice to awaken and refresh the loose-tea leaves. When the refresh button is selected, a small amount of water is heated in the system and poured over the tea leaves in the glass chamber. This first step rinses and refreshes the leaves for the fast infusion cycle to follow. After selecting your brewing choice, the system automatically brews your tea to perfection.

The Tea-Square Loose-Leaf Tea Brewer heats up to four cups of water to the precise temperature required for optimal flavor extraction. There is never a need to manually control the temperature of the water.

Superior Tea-Filtering System

The brew chamber and carafe are made of glass and stainless steel to ensure purity and to conserve the natural tea flavors. Once the tea is finished brewing, it passes through an extra-fine stainless-steel strainer, which traps even the smallest tea particles, leaving a clear, pure, smooth brew. There is no need to ever worry about brew times, as the Tea-Square does everything for you.

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