Grow Your Own

In the wake of COVID-19 lots of people seem to be taking up 'growing-your-own', as they find themselves unable to do other hobbies and sometimes simply unable to regularly get the food they want.

The Good Life

An RHS poll found that 57% of people who have gardens and outdoor space value them more than before lockdown was implemented. Google Trends shows that produce gardening is at an all-time high at the moment. By the end of March, searches for growing vegetables from scraps was up by 4,650%.


Unsurprisingly, this pursuit of horticultural knowledge has resulted in more and more people producing their own goods, with this only set to rocket still as garden centres are allowed to open.

Seeds Of Knowledge

Gardening is not just for those with gardens, as there has been lots of buzz on social media about the produce that can simply be grown from the roots and stems of leftovers, often simply in a glass of water upon the windowsill. Things like spring onions and leeks have proved popular because of their rapid growth, as well as the ability to reduce waste.

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