Halloween, Bonfire Night & Thanksgiving 2020

It has been a year like no other, and while Halloween, Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving were celebrated differently, we still enjoyed the celebrations. Attention turned towards the home, and we had more time than ever to enjoy the comforting tastes of autumn and each other's company.

We have selected three key themes from our recent categorywatching report, which offers an in-depth look at this year's Halloween, Bonfire Night & Thanksgiving trends.

1) Home is at the Heart

Trick or treating may have been off the agenda for many consumers yet autumnal events still very much happened. More Halloween confectionary was sold this year than last, and attention turned towards the home. Tablescaping, baking, and at home deliveries such Michelin starred Thanksgiving meal kits made it to our doors. Great to share, both with households and on social media, staying in was the new going out.

Generational divides were also broken down, as nostalgic films and tastes trended. Ghostbusters, Devil's Food cake, Wagon wheels.... Great for those that remember them first time round, and for those that don't!

2) T'is the season for comfort

Living through a pandemic meant that comfort was appreciated more than ever this year. Even the iconic Starbucks pumpkin spice latte was released early, in August. Comforting seasonal flavours ruled with pumpkin, apples and maple as hero. Classics recipes such as slow cooked stews and crumbles also filled social media feeds. We saw our desire for comfort break into different formats - think apple crumble danishes or spooky sticky toffee cookies.

3) Shockwave Season

If ever there's a time for showstopping fun in food and drink it's 2020! For those that did venture out, experiential dining went to another level. Balthazar in London hosted a socially distanced horror show bringing back ghostly figures from France's past, not to mention amazing cocktails. On a more everyday level, we went beyond the usual witches of Halloween. Blood red doughnuts with red brioche and oozing strawberry jam made their debut and hyperreal shapes trended such as pumpkin shaped bread and chocolate toads. Taken on a multi-sensory journey with food and drink, we still found ways to celebrate.

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