healthwatching - Natural Products Expo West 2023 Report

Our latest healthwatching report covers what's been happening at the annual exhibition, Natural Products Expo West, including what's trending in alcohol-free, gut health, plant-based and more.

Expo West, often referred to as the Super Bowl of the food world, returned to the Anaheim Convention Centre in LA in March this year. Tens of thousands of people from the natural and organic food and beverage industry came to launch, taste, sell and see what might be coming next.

The emphasis this year was on sustainability, lifestyle, nutrition, health, transparency and convenience. This included innovation to serve superior nutrition, balancing decadence with health, snacks infused with superfoods, regenerative agriculture and upcycled ingredients. And let's not forget all the adaptogens, nootropics, prebiotics, probiotics and mood management too.

With so much to see, we have pulled out themes and products that sum up the show for you in this latest healthwatching report, from which three key takeouts are detailed below.

1. Regenerative - 'Regenerative' was a hot buzzword at this year's Expo West, with the term making its way front and centre on lots of packaging. And rather than be confined to any one category, regenerative practices were championed across the board - from milk to rice, snacks to ice cream, and plenty in between.

2. 'Meat' and Two Veg - Another key theme at the show this year was taking plant-based to the next level, and thinking beyond what has become 'the norm' in meat alternatives – including lots of meat analogues being 'upgraded' with vegetables, and championing whole plants and pulses like cauliflower, chickpeas and even kelp(!) as their core ingredients.

3. Liquid Health - Digestive wellness continues to be a key area of focus, and we spotted lots of gut-friendly drinks boosted with pre- and probiotics. Similarly, with more people looking for products to manage stress and support their nervous systems, the show had gallons of drinks making the most of adaptogens and nootropics.


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