House Wine Brand Launches Bubbly Rose Cans

It's time to put the sparkle in your party this holiday season and American wine producer House Wine has the answer. Now available throughout the U.S., House Wine Rosé Bubbles 375 mL cans are the latest offering in the winery's line-up of quality wine in a fun, portable package. In addition, two other House Wine favourites, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, will be available from January 2018 in the 375 mL can format.

A true original, House Wine has consistently pushed the boundaries of consumer innovation since Charles Smithlaunched this iconic wine brand in 2004 offering consumers exceptional quality and value. It pushed the envelope again when it launched three-litre boxes in 2013 and now, with spectacular consumer response, is introducing even more offerings in the 375 mL can format.

Selling more than 2.4 million cans from its debut in May 2017 to Labor Day, House Wine 375 mL cans have been met with resounding consumer support. In fact, House Wine cans rank No. 4 in America and are outpacing established can brands, according to Nielsen data.

"The instant success of House Wine cans continues to blow our minds," said Alex Evans, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Precept Wine - owners of the House Wine brand. "House Wine is made for this category, which delivers fresh wine and caters to the grab-and-go lifestyle of busy and active wine consumers. They are also accessible, affordable and recyclable, which helps reduce overall waste, but most of all they are delicious!"

Can wine reigns as the fastest-growing packaging format in the wine category, with sales experiencing triple digit growth year after year. House Wine has surged with that trend in the 375-mL format and has also continued to experience growth in 750 mL bottles and 3-litre boxes. For the third year in a row, House Wine 3-litre boxes achieved the Impact "Hot Prospect Brands" status (based on 2016 depletion volume).

How's the taste?

  • House Wine Rosé Bubbles – Crisp and elegant aromas of fresh berries lead to lively citrus flavours on the palate. Bright, fruity and flavourful.
  • House Wine Sauvignon Blanc – Crisp and refreshing grapefruit, melon and floral aromas give way to flavours of white peach on the palate.
  • House Wine Pinot Noir – Aromas of black cherry, cocoa and clove, lead to silky tannins and smooth, polished finish.

Find out more about the House Wine brand on its website here.