Impossible Foods Launches Beef Hot Dogs Made From Plants

Impossible Foods, the producer of plant-based meat alternative products, has evolved the popular hot dog whilst maintaining flavour and offering a healthier option. The new hot dog comes from a collaboration with vegan hamburger restaurant chain Slutty Vegan in the US to redefine the classic corndog.

The Impossible Foods website says of the new product, Yep, everyone's favorite questionable food choice has evolved thanks to amazing plants. And it still delivers the meaty, smoky, juicy, delicious flavor you love.

The Impossible Beef Hot Dog contains 12g of protein and half the saturated fat of the equivalent animal version of the food. It's also claimed that production generates 84% less greenhouse gas emissions, whilst using 77% less water and 83% less land than animal meat hot dogs.

In terms of cooking, the plant-based hot dog is prepared to eat in exactly the same way as the meat version. Find out more about the dog on the Impossible Foods website here.