Introducing 2023 Trend Summit Speaker Reniera O'Donnell

We're excited to introduce the latest speaker to join the line-up for this November's 2023 Food & Beverage Trend Summit - Reniera O'Donnell, Food Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Before joining the Foundation, Reniera spent 18 years in local government, focusing on housing and regeneration.

Reniera leads the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Food Initiative, working with industry to demonstrate how we can restore soil health and help biodiversity thrive.

Reniera will join us virtually, for our 10th annual live summit, to talk about the exciting Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Food Initiative and how, by redesigning the way we produce our food, we can regenerate nature.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charity committed to creating a circular economy, which is designed to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and regenerate nature. It's an economic system that delivers better outcomes for people, and the environment.

The Foundation recently launched its Big Food Redesign Challenge, in partnership with the Sustainable Food Trust. The Challenge aims to catalyse and inspire the food industry to regenerate nature by applying the principles of circular design to food.

The Challenge brings together ambitious producers, retailers, start-ups, and suppliers to accelerate the design of food that aims to regenerate nature. It presents a unique opportunity for food industry frontrunners to collaborate and learn – along with the support of world-leading circular economy and regenerative production experts.

In total there's £500,000 of grant funding available for eligible SMEs and Startups participating in The Challenge, with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation having already reached pver 150 participants. There's still time to apply with registrations closing on 18th September. Find out more here.


Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing a number of new speaker profiles to keep you fully in the loop on who you can expect to hear from at the Trend Summit, plus find out more about what they do, as well as what they'll be speaking about on the day.

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