Is This The UK's Most Expensive Steak?

Newly launched London restaurant Aragawa is serving up an exclusive £900 Japanese Kobe steak which could possibly be the UK's most expensive restaurant.

The unofficial prize previously sat with the well-known Salt Bae concept restaurants with their £700 gold leaf steak, but the new Japanese restaurant has topped that with not just one but several meaty options. The cheapest of five 14oz cuts on the menu comes in at £500, whilst overall guests can expect a bill of roughly £750-plus per head. That's some dinner bill by the end of the evening.

The £900 steak in particular is an Omi beef sirloin that's fattened for over five years - from a unique strain of ultra premium wagyu cattle that must be at least 28 months old before the meat is then aged for three weeks during shipping from Japan to the UK. Each steak is then grilled over imported binchotan white charcoal in a purpose-built kiln oven. The final step - seasoning and serve.