It's National Burger Day!

The 23rd August 2018 is a day to saviour - it's National Burger Day here in the UK! Apologies to our international friends who may be reading from overseas ... we'll throw in an extra patty just for you. We took a look around to see who was doing what to celebrate and to catch the eyes of the hungry consumer.

In partnership with Mr Hyde, an online platform providing daily news on what's happening around the UK, Mr Hyde National Burger Day is offering 20% off at a large number of partner restaurants through an online mapping service to find your nearest participating burger joint. Most of the big names are on board - Byron, ShakeShack, GBK, Honest Burgers, but you can also find some more niche venues by looking around - a cool way to find your new favourite burger bar.

Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham has created a giant cheeseburger 'cake' for the day which combines a Victoria Sponge 'bun', two huge beef patties, more than a dozen strips of bacon, cheese, slaw, cheese sauce 'icing' and cake sprinkles. Something different!

Influencer and chef Gaz Oakley, and his Avant Garde Vegan brand, has teamed up with Linda McCartney to create a one-of-a-kind vegan burger to celebrate the day. Named the Slammin' Sriracha Burger, it's one for you to make yourself using a Linda McCartney ¼ Pound Pulled Pork Burger together with Oakley's recipe, allowing consumers to create their burger at home.

In Scotland, three of Glasgow's best restaurants are combining to offer some meaty treats for customers this week. The Butchershop, The Spanish Butcher and Hutchesons City Grill are laying on the ultimate feast from Thursday until Sunday, with burgers including:

The Surf & Turf: 35 day dry-aged rump patties, iceberg lettuce, saffron Marie Rose, half lobster tempura, skinny fries.
Secreto Iberico Pop Tart (£40): Iberican pork patty, foie gras and black truffle sesame seed & gold leaf. Paprika skinny fries.
Rossini Burger (£40): beef fillet patty, black truffle, pan seared foie gras, foie gras & Cognac sauce, skinny fries

London's Smith & Whistle bar has taken things a step further, creating a burger for your dogs to enjoy while you enjoy your own 'human' alternative. The aptly named Quarter Hounder features a lean chicken breast sandwiched between cooked sweet potato slices instead of a bread bun.

Fast-food chain KFC have taken the 'limited edition' concept to the extreme with a one-off burger available at just one location around the UK - the #Burger, which can only be found in Bolton. The burger is the product of a competition-winning employee who got the chance to create his own one-off burger - the result, a combo of four Original Recipe mini fillets stacked in a #, crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce, Kansas BBQ sauce, and ranch dressing, all in a # branded glazed bun. If you're near Bolton, let us know if you find one!

What #NationalBurgerDay celebrations have you come across? Let us know over on Twitter @thefoodpeople