Japan's Insta-Worthy Gold Leaf Ice Cream Trend Arrives in London

London's Just Eat Food Fest is set to feature Japan's popular gold leaf ice cream this weekend, with 200 edible 23-carat gold ice creams to be handed out to attendees throughout the weekend during 'Golden Hour' which will take place between 2pm - 3pm.

The gold leaf ice cream has been introduced this year in honour of the food festival's theme which celebrates the ultimate Fantasy Fusions. The Insta-worthy food craze for gold leaf ice cream started thousands of miles away in Japan's city Kanazawa, and has since become the hottest food trend in the country. Just Eat will be serving two flavours of ice cream which are popular in Japan, Matcha Green Tea and Coconut, each wrapped in a delicate layer of edible 23 carat gold leaf.

The Just Eat Food Fest takes place in Shoreditch from 20-22rd July, and features some of Just Eat's most exciting restaurant partners, as they look to make your food dreams a reality. Find out more about the festival here.