Kraft Heinz Launches New Convenience Breakfast Kit Brand in the US

Kraft Heinz last month launched its new convenience breakfast snack brand, Just Crack an Egg, with a range of scrambled egg breakfast meal kits set for the US market.

The Just Crack an Egg meal kits consist of Kraft branded ingredients, such as breakfast meats, cheese shreds, potatoes and vegetables. Consumers then just need to crack an egg into the pot before microwaving to create their desired scrambled egg breakfast.

Greg Guidotti, head of marketing at Just Crack an Egg explained the reasons behind the new concept further. "We know that consumers aren't happy with their current weekday breakfast options, and we saw an opportunity to reignite consumers' love of a hot, filling breakfast.

"Too often, their busy lives force them to make compromises and trade-offs around breakfast when it comes to taste, convenience and freshness. Just Crack an Egg bridges that divide, making it easy for them to have a savoury breakfast scramble that can fit into even the fastest morning routine, any day of the week, all with just the crack of an egg."

Kraft Heinz is launching four flavours - Denver (ham, cheddar cheese, onions green peppers and potatoes), All American (bacon, cheddar and potatoes), Ultimate (sausage, mild cheddar, onions, peppers and potatoes) and Rustic (turkey sausage, mozzarella mushrooms, onions, peppers and potatoes), all designed to fit the needs of an increasingly health conscious, but time-limited market.

Find out more about the Heinz Kraft brand and its products on the company website. The new product sits well in several of our sub-trends identified in our 2017-18 food & drink trends. Find out more about our trend predictions through our infographics.