Leon Launches New 'The Power Of Plants' Menu

QSR chain Leon has launched its new The Power Of Plants menu this January, shining a light on vegetables, packing more plants and flavours than ever into their dishes this month. The menu features some brand new dishes, the return of some old favourites as well as existing best sellers - but with the vegetables within championed.

New items include:

Sweet Potato Falafel Wrap
Our baked sweet potato and beetroot falafel is spiced with cardamom, fennel and coriander seeds and slathered with our sunshine sauce, AKA LEON Amba Aioli. Add in pink kraut and crunchy cos lettuce and we've created a vegan dish with 12 varieties of plants, that will leave your taste buds tinglinggg and your gut health zinginggg.

Lentil Masala
Warm your soul this lunchtime with the return of LEON'S OG Dahling, the Lentil Masala. This rich coconut curry, flavoured with cumin, ginger and mustard seeds will take the chill off the coldest of days. With 14 varieties of plants, this LEON Dahling never tasted so good.

Favourites packed with plants include:

Ruby Red Porridge
Not only does our Ruby Red Porridge have a cult following, but it also contains up to 6 different varieties of plants. Enjoy it served with either dairy or activated almond m*lk, a fruity red compote made of strawberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry and redcurrant and a finishing dollop of coconut-almond butter - it's a winning combination of breakfast dreams.

Green Shakshuka
For those wanting a savoury start, enjoy our Green Shakshuka & Halloumi Egg Pot. It's made with courgette, kale, red onion, spinach, garlic, green chilli, spices and parsley - it's plant-iful, flavourful and packed full of variety that you deserve this morning.

Dishes returning by popular demand:

Porridge Of The Gods
Fetched from far above, the sweet nectar of agave syrup rains over rich shavings of dark chocolate and banana to create a comforting pot of deliciousness - it's the indulgent and divine way that will blow those winter cobwebs away.

Find out more about what else is on the menu here.

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