Little Moons Mochi Trend Continues with New Flavours

UK Mochi ice Cream brand Little Moons is this summer releasing a range of new limited-edition mochi ice cream flavours based on some British classics, including Fish & Chips, Eton Mess and Candy Floss .

The three new flavours, covering both sweet and savoury, are said to pay homage to some of the most popular Great British tastes of summer. The three eye catching new flavours will be available to buy direct from the Little Mochi website as well as from retail partner Selfridges from 5th July 2021. The three new varieties join Little Moons' current flavour range which includes popular flavours such as Honey Roasted Pistachio, Creamy Coconut and Vegan Tropical Passionfruit & Mango.

"Little Moons are made of two parts. A deliciously sweet, soft and chewy rice flour dough. This dough is steamed, pounded and gently wrapped around a centre of gelato ice cream, like a soft, snuggly puffer jacket on a cold day. Eating it is a unique experience. A delicious bite-sized mochi ball of perfection. They're unlike anything you've ever tasted before, but then again, they're ice cream from another world."

Mochi is a trend that has become somewhat of a frenzy over the past 12 months but in stores as well as sweeping social media, especially when it comes to Little Moons. These are ice cream mochi, so ice cream wrapped in a glutenous, sweet rice wrapper - a trend that originating from Japan.

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Find out more about Little Moons over on their Instagram page.