menuwatching Report - Street Food 2023

For our latest menuwatching report, on the tfp trendhub, we've been tracking what's hot across street food vendors around the world, one full of global influences.

The street food channel is hugely attractive with its budget friendly credentials, and continues to be full of exciting twists and global flavour. Costs have risen exponentially over the past year, from fuel through to ingredients, challenging many street food trucks to review their business. Perhaps travelling less far or specialising in one main ingredient, helping to lower their overall costs, and savings are crucial. According to Food Parks, USA, 60% of food trucks don't survive the first year of business.

To give you a bit more insight into what you can expect in the full, 89 page menuwatching report on the tfp trendhub, we've collated three key takeouts - listed below. trendhub subscribers can access the report in full via the link at the end of this article.

1. Affordable Gourmet – We want to indulge in gourmet treats without breaking the bank, and cheaper cuts of meat undergoing gourmet preparation methods is one way of achieving this. Think hash browns piled high with soy braised ox cheek or a French dip sandwich filled with beef shin that's been slow cooked in heady, Mexican birria-style spices…

2. Sustainability – Sustainability is king and cooks look for inventive ways to use up all waste on the menu – such as crispy chicken skin nachos. Meat is from more sustainable, less expected sources such as burgers made with wild game or goat, and with fuel costs to both people and planet at an all-time high, solar powered trucks and wind turbines in the kitchen (rather than gas guzzling generators) make a big play.

3. Go Global – Street food is all about global flavour, and as we look to the future, fusion cuisine brings even more newness. For instance, confit duck and cheese topped fries is the perfect fusion of French and American. West African cuisine also trends with jollof fried chicken and suya kebabs which are skewers of nutty, smoked, charred beef. Ethiopian Injera flatbreads also make excellent bread alternatives that soak up stews and spicy sauces.


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