menuwatching - Winter

The latest menuwatching report takes a global look at winter menus, across all channels, savoury, sweet and some drinks and includes everything from snacks through to full meals.

We take a look at three key takeouts from the report below - while all the information can be found here for trendhub subscribers.


There are plenty of wine sauces, both red and white wine, found in winter cuisines. Red wines (and port) are great for stews and braised dishes, adding a depth of flavour and richness, white wines add a lighter touch. Named wines are called out for extra provenance. As well as these classic wine sauces, we also have seen classic sauces from local cuisines. Denningvleis from South Africa, moilee sauce from Portugal or India are a couple of examples of these traditional sauces, often found served in a different way to the traditional, such as Tom Kerridge's scotch egg with moilee sauce.

Winter Salads and Dressings

A dish that was once only found in the summer or on the side of a steak and chips, salads have come a long way over the last few years. Vegetables are roasted, charred-grilled and smoked, and dressed in flavour filled dressings and vinaigrettes. Served as a side dish and a main course, either as a vegan choice or served with meat or fish. The dressings and vinaigrettes are also smoked and made with named ingredients for extra flavour and provenance.

Game Birds, Rabbit & Duck

Along with the usual beef, pork, chicken and lamb, we are seeing other meats appearing on menus. Duck is served raw in tartares, roasted and slow-cooked, especially in the style of confit. Game birds are flying across menus, partridge and pheasant were very popular in the UK, and pigeon was seen in most countries. Rabbit has hopped onto menus, being most popular this winter, especially in South Africa, South America and the UK. Served in a humble soup or stew through to more elegant terrines and roasts.