Michelin-Starred Steakhouse Cote Opens NYC's Fanciest Fried Chicken Hangout

The team behind One Michelin Star Cote is turning its hand to fried chicken with what's set to be New York's finest chicken restaurant, the all new COQODAQ.

As expected, the focus is fully on the chicken here right from the start of its journey. COQODAQ uses poultry that has grown up on Mennonite farms in Pennsylvania, feeding on farmer's market produce and vegetable scraps from Michelin-starred restaurants, including Le Bernardin. From here the chickens head to Flatiron in NYC to begin the process of bring breaded in gluten-free rice flour and then triple-fried in sustainable oil.

The meal starts off in unique fashion at COQODAQ with guests who choose the chef's signature fried chicken feast, The Bucket List, being served a cup of ginseng-fortified consomme, said to coat the stomach ahead of what's to come. Next up is a selection of Ban-Chan, pickled seasonal vegetables and scallion salad, before the chicken hits the table. It comes served in two waves, first up 'naked' with a selection of homemade dipping sauces, before the second drop lands Korean style, glazed with either a gochujang or soy garlic sauces.

Alongside the feasts of chicken, there's plenty more to choose from which add decadence to the menu. An ice chilled raw bar offers up oysters, a choice of caviar, and also Amberjack, Tuna and Ocean Trout tartare a la carte. The drinks list doesn't disappoint either, with a list of over 400 champagnes to choose from - rumoured to be the largest selection in the US.

Find out more about the new COQODAQ restaurant and its menu here.

Image credit - COQODAQ.