Mocha Mudcake Flavour M&M's Land In The UK

Previously launched as a limited edition run of the chocolates in Australia, M&M's Mocha Mudcake flavoured treats have been spotted in the UK too now.

The chocolate snacks combine coffee, chocolate and cake in the usual crisp M&Ms shell. At the time the brand said of the new flavour: 'With 75 per cent of Australians drinking the liquid gold nectar that is coffee daily, M&M's new Mocha Mudcake is tapping into Australia's love for permissible indulgence.' And now it seems the flavour is going international.

Shoppers in B&M stores in the UK started spotting the new coffee flavour M&M's, with new flavours of the snack a rarity. Would you grab a bag or go for the classic peanut, crispy and chocolate versions?

Back in December, M&M's also unveiled its latest innovation with the new cookie dough flavour, featuring a soft dough centre coated in milk chocolate, again finished off in the crisp outer shell. This flavour launched in Australia and it yet to be seen in the UK, with both new flavour innovations coming from Mars Wrigley's Ballarat Innovation Hub.