National Burger Day 2020

All over the world, consumers just can't get enough of burgers. From classic combos (bacon cheeseburger and fries, anyone?) to new wave twists (breakfast burgers! global mashups! vegan! gluten-free! gourmet burgers!) - more than ever before, there's a burger out there for everyone.

This year, with many of us firing up the backyard barbecues and embracing al fresco dining more than ever, there's even more love for the humble burger than before - if that's possible! And not just from home cooks...some of the worlds best chefs have been turning their hand to the humble formula, and what's more - many are delivering to your door for the very first time.

Director & Co-Founder of thefoodpeople, Charles Banks, sums up the very nature of our fascination with the burger.

"The humble burger, so simple, but so complex. It's far from just a food stuff, it's a continually evolving food genre. It's a social and cultural icon that's been there, reflecting the shifts and trends movements over time, becoming a political icon at times and even an economic bellwether. It manages to span geographies, seasons, cuisines, trends and value propositions. From to the most indulgent interpretations with bone marrow and truffle to now being plant based or vegetable based."

"In the COVID-era the burger has been in the spotlight from delivery kits, tofu, fried chicken and butter burgers to the Noma burger, smashed burgers, breakfast, challah rolls and katsu, the not so humble burger has continues to roll with the punches of the time. The burger is not just a nostalgic American icon but one of the most resilient, enduring and adaptable food formats in food history. In my role I've got to eat some amazing burgers over the last 25 years. Some of my most memorable are Patty & Bun (delivered kit or in restaurant!), a Shake Shack cheese burger (the shroom burger is very good too) with cheesy crinkle cut fries, The Butter Burger at Bateau in Seattle and my all-time favourite Au Cheval in Chicago, their Cheeseburger is something else! I'm itching to try the Hill & Szrok (Hackney) Master Butcher & Cookshop cheeseburger too."

Here are just a few of our recent picks from the divers world of burgers:


There's no denying that cultural shift that has taken place in the past year or two, with plant-based and vegan diets moving into mainstream conversation. Everywhere you look, in both retail and restaurants, there is exciting innovation and creative plant-based development happening...and burgers are no exception. In fact, it's in burgers that we are perhaps seeing the biggest boom of all.

Shaking Things Up

Burgers might be a tried-and-tested formula, and consumers can't get enough...but that doesn't mean there isn't always room to shake things up! The typical formats, ways and time that we enjoy a good old burger are evolving by the day, just like the rest of our eating habits.

Buns Out

Burger purists out there might scoff at using anything other than a plain white sesame bun to hold in all that goodness...perhaps a floury white roll, or a squishy Martin's potato roll. But there's a whole new world of bread vehicles to explore... Indeed, if you can split and stuff it - it works! And there's a slew of restaurants and retailers who are keen to show us how it's done.

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