National Preserving Week 2020

It's National Preserving Week next week - a whole 7-days of events designed to get people preserving their own food from 25th July to 2nd August. Coincidentally, we've also recently published our new Categorywatching report on breakfast staples Jams, Cereals and Spreads.

In this latest report we take a look at a growing category that, given the unprecedented times we're living through at present, is only going to grow in importance thanks to the long shelf lives, comforting nostalgia and health halos surrounding many of these products.

Routines are reinvented as we stay at home, eat breakfast again and 'procrastination snack'. Spreads play a bigger part in everyday lives than before and we also look beyond the preconceptions of which food belongs to which meal occasion.

In our Jams, Cereals and Spreads report we look at what lies ahead, how increased consumption fits into the wider food and drink macro cultural trends, adaptions and old classics as well as much more.

Read the full report by clicking here.

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