Nestle Make Largest Foray Into Plant-Based Drinks in Europe To Date

The world's largest food & beverage company Nestlé has recently made its biggest move in the European plant-based drinks market with the launch of Wunda, a plant-based milk alternative.

Wunda is the culmination of an intense period of research and development following consumer feedback that there still lacks a plant-based alternative to milk that meets all of their needs including flavour and nutritional value.

The team at Nestlé found peas to be their favoured source of protein, also carrying a high amount of fibre and being environmentally friendly too. "Milk is a very nutritious ingredient," explains R&D plant-based innovation lead at Nestlé, Alexandre. "When developing plant-based alternatives, we need to ensure the right nutritional value." The final product carries a neutral flavour profile that favours being drunk on its own, poured on cereal, and used in hot drinks while also being carbon neutral from its inception.

Wunda has now launched in France, the Netherlands and Portugal, with a clear target market being millennials and with a vision to stand out from the crowd and to become a hero in the category.

Find out more about Wunda over on the Nestlé website.