New Egg-Themed Restaurant Opens in London

A new egg-themed restaurant has recently opened its doors in London, named Eggoland and founded by a former Afghan refugee. All egg restaurants are no longer a complete novelty in the capital thanks to Eggslut and Eggbreak, however this one has a slightly different feel and a great story for how it came about.

Website visitors are welcomes with the following statement - Welcome to EGGOLAND, where all of your egg dreams come true. Delicious, gourmet based egg dishes made with fresh, quality products. Here at EGGOLAND we've taken classic breakfast and brunch staples and transformed them into a variety of innovative dishes that celebrate wholesome and comforting meals, that you'll only find here, at your home away from home.

The restaurant was founded by Sohail Ahmad and his team, inspired by his love for eggs, with a menu that meets all possible breakfast needs and desires, serving them throughout the day. Sohail arrived in the UK at the age of 12 and after successfully claiming asylum he set about washing pots in local restaurants to get by. Fast forward to 2015, at the age of 26, and Sohail's dreams of opening a restaurant of his own were put on hold when he turned professional as a boxer.

Today, the first dish on the menu at Eggoland is titled Showstar - his former nickname in the ring - a paratha wrap filled with roast potatoes and vegetables, soft scrambled eggs, harissa may and chives. Other tasty sounding options include The Staple - house-made beef sausage patty, soft scrambled eggs, chives, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo and mixed leaves.

Discover the full menu and more over on the Eggoland website.