Outdoor Dining In A Post-COVID World

As restaurants re-open across the globe, many are still getting to grips with how to manage social distancing rules in their premises. One area that has been well documented is the outdoor terrace. We have already seen successful outdoor pop-ups from restaurants such as Noma and outdoor terraces in places such as Barcelona are packed (in a socially distanced way, of course).

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Al Fresco

Outdoor dining spaces are being seen as a perfect way to add some extra seats while still maintaining a safe distance between patrons. For the summer, at least, outdoor schemes are being set up by individual restaurants, large collectives and even city councils.

In fact, from Portsmouth to Paris and from Newbury to New York, there are no traffic areas, outdoor dining areas, greenhouses and refurbished terraces being created. In the next few pages, we take a look at a selection of the outdoor dining spaces that are, or soon to be, opening in a place near you.

Tempting Terraces

Terraces are being reopened, revamped and newly created across cities in order to create more outdoor capacity. This is only happening in places where the terrace is a deep-set part of the restaurant culture - Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Los Angeles, for example - but in other cities as well. During the summer, terraces are proving to be the lifeline for many restaurants who are lucky to have them.

Party Districts

Councils have also put in their own initiatives to help support outdoor dining in city centres. London has created a party district in the centre of town with swathes of road closures, creating alfresco dining areas. Similarly, Los Angeles has created the L.A. Al Fresco, initiative streamlining the process of making parking lots and pavements into dining areas. Meanwhile, Liverpool council have offered outdoor dining grants to restaurants as well as designing outdoor seating areas and mini "Parklets", to create pedestrianised areas.