Papa John's Launches New Premium Pizza

On Monday, 1st February, Papa John's launched its new Premium Hawaiian pizza and the company is confident that the premium ingredients will bring a true taste of island life to the UK.

While the new Papa John's Premium Hawaiian will stay true to the recipe made famous across the world, it will now feature fresh pineapple along with pulled ham hock, chunky pieces of juicy ham, which has been slow cooked for over seven hours until tender, retaining all the succulence and natural flavour of home-cooked ham.

This investment in using premium ingredients will cost Papa John's £250,000, but will be money well-spent as the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to its 'Better Ingredients. Better Pizza' philosophy, as well as its desire to deliver a truly fresh product to UK pizza lovers.

Gareth Davies, Regional Vice President, Western Europe for Papa John's UK, said: "The Premium Hawaiian pizza is a simple pizza with the classic ingredients of ham and pineapple. We saw the opportunity to take this to the next level by including fresh pineapple, instead of from a tin, and ham hock to revolutionise this classic pizza. Fans of the Hawaiian will be amazed of how much better Papa John's new recipe tastes and we believe that even those who are in the no-pineapple-on-pizza camp may change their mind when they taste this pizza."

Papa John's new Premium Hawaiian was launched across the UK on Monday, 1st February. For more information visit